Grampa Dave and the Southern Swans

We were so blessed to spend so much time with Dad.  From the time he and mom hit the road in 2005 in Cygnus, the Bluebird Wanderlodge until his death, we were privileged to share our lives with him.  We would get to spend the Christmas holidays with them parked in our driveway every year until they sold the bus.  After that, they moved close to us in New Bern, NC and later in Arlington, TX.  Mom and dad were faithful in attending all of the kids’ performances and many of their sports games.  They came to our home for holiday meals and we went to their home just as often.  I relied on dad to help me with my chores around the house and was able to help him and mom with things around their place.  The last 8 years or so were so formative for my kids and they grew up with Gramma Sam and Grampa Dave as regular and important parts of their lives.



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