Remembering My Dad

There are so many great memories but I would like to mention a few that have stuck with me for all these years….learning how to paddle a canoe, and then later how to sail one…how many people can say that!?

Early on he was working with me on how to drive a stick shift….gets me half way up a dirt driveway…has me stop and then says go…based on the REALLY big drop off one one side of the road…that was a lot of faith…never forgot that

After that he let me park his prized Carmen Gia…until I backed into Moms car and broke the tail light…never got to park it again…

He never judged…no matter where I was in my life he was always there with a smile and that great dry humor.

Watching he and Mom drive off in that Rock Star bus was pretty cool….

He loved my Mom so much….and loved to have fun…those are the feelings and memories
I will cherish


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