Remembrances of Dave

We came to Bend about the same time as Dave – early 1960’s. We got to know him as a work colleague (Bob at the Bulletin)
and later (Fran at COCC). That led to a growing friendship when he became a next-door neighbor, then a hiking and camping companion; (though we never got into the cross-country skiing and bike riding experiences he enjoyed.)

At his suggestion, we became support participants in the Oregon Bike Ride over 10-15 years — in which we spent two-week stints in the summer with Dave as Wagon Master. We saw parts of Oregon we probably never would have seen except for this experience. It was a wonderful experience — as well as fun.

And we have thought of him as extended family — as Dave watched our kids grow up and he was there — over these past 50
years — during the happy and sad events in our lives. During that time there were costume parties and bar-b-ques, and pizza parties, and pot lucks — with lots of laughter and jovial teasing. So many remarkable years.

In these later years contact was mostly by e-mail, as Dave and Sam journeyed from coast to coast in their beloved Cygnus, with occasional breaks to Bend. Then it was pot-luck time and visiting with old friends, again.

One canoe trip in the early days was particularly memorable. We, canoe novices, were invited on an overnight campout, along with some of Dave’s friends, to oar three canoes into the far reaches of Sparks Lake, where we found a lovely isolated beach. After darkness engulfed us, and with no moon — just the clearest Central Oregon starry night sky — we rowed out into the center of the lake. The lake was so still it became a mirror, reflecting the stars and snow-capped mountains, and it felt as though we were floating in the universe. As close to a spiritual experience as one could come.

Thanks for all these memories, Dave

Surely there are more beautiful biking trails for you. We’ll be thinking fondly of you as being on one of your extended bicycle trips.

Happy cycling.

The Greenlees


Remembering My Dad

There are so many great memories but I would like to mention a few that have stuck with me for all these years….learning how to paddle a canoe, and then later how to sail one…how many people can say that!?

Early on he was working with me on how to drive a stick shift….gets me half way up a dirt driveway…has me stop and then says go…based on the REALLY big drop off one one side of the road…that was a lot of faith…never forgot that

After that he let me park his prized Carmen Gia…until I backed into Moms car and broke the tail light…never got to park it again…

He never judged…no matter where I was in my life he was always there with a smile and that great dry humor.

Watching he and Mom drive off in that Rock Star bus was pretty cool….

He loved my Mom so much….and loved to have fun…those are the feelings and memories
I will cherish

Grampa Dave and the Southern Swans

We were so blessed to spend so much time with Dad.  From the time he and mom hit the road in 2005 in Cygnus, the Bluebird Wanderlodge until his death, we were privileged to share our lives with him.  We would get to spend the Christmas holidays with them parked in our driveway every year until they sold the bus.  After that, they moved close to us in New Bern, NC and later in Arlington, TX.  Mom and dad were faithful in attending all of the kids’ performances and many of their sports games.  They came to our home for holiday meals and we went to their home just as often.  I relied on dad to help me with my chores around the house and was able to help him and mom with things around their place.  The last 8 years or so were so formative for my kids and they grew up with Gramma Sam and Grampa Dave as regular and important parts of their lives.